Entrepreneurs: Having a Low is Actually Quite The Norm

If you are an entrepreneur, having a low is actually quite the norm. Its probably a sales call that didn’t go right, a hire that didnt accept the offer, some cashflows issues in the horizon – the chances of something going wrong are far higher than going right. That said, if you find yourself in a low, here are a few things that would help: Continue reading “Entrepreneurs: Having a Low is Actually Quite The Norm”

This video will CHANGE your life

I came across this video on facebook first. I had already listen to this video 20+ times and planning to listen to it every single day. This video had given me lot of motivation and thus I reposted it on my youtube channel. It is just for my reminder that I have to watch it every day.

I hope you will like it to. Continue reading “This video will CHANGE your life”

These Two Words Scream SUCCESS

I got a very insightful email from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income which I am wanted to share on this blog. I had not been blogging on this domain for over an year but don’t worry I had started blogging here and try to keep it up. Without further ado here that email: Continue reading “These Two Words Scream SUCCESS”