Azad Shaikh
Azad Shaikh


First of all thanks for visiting my website and showing interest in me. My name is Azad Shaikh and I like to be known as Internet Geek.

I completed my Computer Engineering from Gujarat University in 2010. I like blogging, reading, games, android, hacking, tech and business.

I am try to build my own business. Not the usual one with an office and employee who works 9-to-5. I like to build an online business where you can work from anywhere in the world (internet connection will be required though ūüėČ ). I am working toward it. You will surely get to know if I¬†succeed.
This is my personal blog/notebook/dashboard  where I share anything and everything that I like sharing. You get the idea, right! Hope you like reading it. And always feel free to connect with me; the best way to reach me is via email (mohd.azad.shaikh (at) gmail.com).

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Stay connected! and live passionately.


Azad Shaikh

The Internet Geek. ūüôā

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