Raspberry Pi Zero: Accessories You Will Need

The new $5 Raspberry Pi Zero is the epitome of flexibility and low-cost portability for enthusiastic hobbyists and professionals alike. This new version is just half the size of a Model A+, yet it features more RAM and faster CPU. However, the small size and the extremely affordable price come at the cost of reduced connectivity options. This article is going to give a clear idea about what kind of accessories you will need to get the most out of your new Raspberry Pi Zero. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi Zero: Accessories You Will Need”

Top 5 Technologies to Watch in 2011

Each year, electronics becomes a deeper and more inextricably intertwined part of our daily lives. And with the burgeoning service infrastructure—from wireless medical to broadcast 3-D—electronics will assume an even greater role in the coming years.

Here are 5 technologies that I think will generate buzz, attract developers and investors, and get end users to open their wallets in 2011 and beyond. Continue reading “Top 5 Technologies to Watch in 2011”