These Two Words Scream SUCCESS

I got a very insightful email from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income which I am wanted to share on this blog. I had not been blogging on this domain for over an year but don’t worry I had started blogging here and try to keep it up. Without further ado here that email:

I’ve been reading a lot of new material lately and I came across something cool I just had to share with you, because it’s so simple – yet super powerful.
These two words are really the KEY to finding success with your business, blog or website:
Affect Many
The more people you can affector the more lives you can impact in one way or another, the more success you will have, and the more money you will make.
To help you remember and apply this to what you do, think to yourself:
or…I Affect Many.
When you think about it, any successful business, athlete, product, invention, entertainer, blogger, etc. has had an effect on many.
Get your name, your product, blog or business in front of many, and you will find success.
How? Well, that’s another entire email or blog post, but just think about I AM and you’ll make the right choices to find success.

Thanks Pat for awesome emails. You can subscribe to his newsletter and it’s highly recommended by me.